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One topic. Many voices

Randy Broad became my advocate and fought hard with me and I got the proper care." Sandra H. 

~ Stage I Lung Cancer Patient. 

As a Breast Cancer Patient, I went through numerous treatments to 'fix me.' I recently shared with my oncologist about C-SESSIONS, and she stated that it's a brilliant idea. Like me, she believes all patients need humane, kind, and protective treatment. C-SESSIONS can help make that happen. It's time!"

~ JC.K HER2 Breast Cancer Patient 



"I really enjoyed participating in the

C-Sessions program. It was well organized and perfect in tone and content. I believe it resonated with the audience and they learned something from it."

~ Dr. Renato Martins, MD

The C-Sessions program was great and eye opening. I honestly had not even thought that there might be a colorectal Oncologist. How can my oncologist keep up with every cancer she has to deal with? She can't. Crazy! 

~ Katie S. Colorectal patient 

C-Sessions has opened my eyes in so many ways. I was told that I am too young to get e mammogram. I was told that it's too early to do my Pap smear! Indeed, I have learned to have a voice and take charge of my own care." 

Simona. T., Advocate

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